DoE Hammer Editor 3.4b (Modified Hammer Executable) Downloads: 156
Author: Snowdog Size: 0.57 MB
A Customized Hammer Editor .exe that has an enlarged entity properties dialog box to facilitate working with TFC .fgd files that have longer more descriptive SmartEdit attribute lines.
This is a patched .exe file only. It is not a full Hammer install. To use this "patch" simply unzip the doe_hammer.exe file and place it in your existing Hammer 3.4 directory. Then when launching Hammer execute the doe_hammer.exe instead of the hammer.exe file (you will probably want to edit your Hammer shortcuts to point to the new .exe) Released 4-1-2002
Pakscape 0.11 (PAK/PK3/VOL explorer/creator) Downloads: 511
Author: Peter Engstrom Size: 0.1 MB
A pak file tool for creating, changing, and adding to Half-Life1 pak files. Has long file name support.
Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 (Full Installer) Downloads: 118
Author: Valve Software Size: 2.04 MB
This is the executable installer for the long outdated Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 (aka WorldCraft 3.4). Used for HL1/TFC editing.
Wally v1.55b Downloads: 171
Author: Neal Size: 1.1 MB
Half-Life Texture Editing Tool. Development of this tool appears to have ceased in late 2003.
WinBSP 1.2 (BSP Decompiler) Downloads: 279
Author: Mr Elusive Size: 0.11 MB
WinBSPC is a tool designed to do the following:
* Convert .BSP or .MAP files to .AAS files that the Gladiator bot needs to play a map.
* Convert .BSP files to .MAP files. Handy if you lost your original .MAP file.
* Extract files from .PAK or .SIN files.
Note that it can read to be converted .BSP files directly out of .PAK or .SIN files.

WinBSPC can be used with all BSPs (game maps, mission pack maps, custom maps etc.) of the following games: Quake 1, Quake 2, Heretic 2, Sin, Half-Life 1

Released May 1999
Zoners Half-Life Tools (Half-Life Compilation Tools v2.5.3 Custom build 16) Downloads: 196
Author: Anthony Moore Size: 0.14 MB
Custom build of Zoners Half-Life Tools. The improved compile tools. A must for any HL1 mapper.

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